Getting Started with Crossfit

Getting Started with Crossfit

Getting Started with Crossfit

Getting Started with Crossfit

Getting Started with Crossfit If you’re a newbie in the world of fitness, begin by easing into a routine . Firstly start off slowly, let your body get accustomed to this new fitness  program and gradually increase your endurance level. If you go for broke in your first workout, chances are you’ll burn yourself out and enhaust yourself to the point that you’ll be put off CrossFit training forever. Also remember that it takes time to get into a fitness routine and the only way to reach your ideal level is be consistent and stick with the program.

Getting Started with Crossfit

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Click here for a hard copy of the program
This is day 1 of a second program for a de-conditioned person who wants to get started on some training at home with no equipment.
Go here for program 1

You must create yourself a CrossFit master plan using the help of a qualified CrossFit trainer is highly recommended. If you not want to use a trainer then garther the suitable infomation from online resources and correlate them into a training plan that you think you can handle. This plan can be adjusted up or down as you monitor your fitness progress level. You may wish to record your workout data on a exel spread sheet, week by week is a good sequence to record.I find this is what is suitable for me. This will let you know if you are reaching your desired fitness goals. If possible find yourself an accountability partner to help keep you on track. One resource you may look at is Beyond the Whiteboard

So now that we’ve covered the starting  of a CrossFit focused training regime. We will next uncover what is CrossFit training…..

Getting Started with Crossfit.



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